Principal’s Message

Courageous Goal Setting
Dear Lo-Inyo Families,
Welcome to 2023-2024 at Lo Inyo Elementary School! I am David McCabe, the new Teaching Principal, eager to blend three decades of educational wisdom with the grit of a cattleman, the enthusiastic optimism of a first-year teacher and the pride of a father. I invite you to join me on Monday, August 28th, to embark on our learning adventure, driven by a “growth mindset”.   
Having a growth mindset is believing that your brain is a muscle. If you exercise it by trying hard, facing challenges, and learning from mistakes, it gets stronger. It means knowing that you can always improve and get better at anything if you put in the effort. You are never stuck with what you have, because we are never done growing, and every challenge is a chance to learn.
At Lo-Inyo Elementary School, we champion not just intelligence, but resilience and grit. We cultivate creativity and celebrate the self-discipline required to transform every day from the ordinary to one that is rich with experiences and provides our students the opportunity to taste the thrill of educational risk-taking, delight in their challenges, and grow beyond their imagination.
At Lo Inyo Elementary School, we all dare to set COURAGEOUS goals. The teachers, support staff, students and your principal will be COURAGEOUS in the goals we set for ourselves this year in Academics, Attendance, and Personal growth. These goals will be difficult.  They will stretch us. They might unnerve us, but ultimately, they will inspire us and cultivate genuine growth.
To exemplify the courage, I am asking each of you, on August 6th I did my first HALO jump from an airplane at 18,000!  That is an altitude greater than our own Mt. Whitney, requiring the use of oxygen masks because the air was so thin!
Was it terrifying? Yes! However, it was also an amazing experience and also serves as a vivid symbol of my commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and the importance of setting COURAGEOUS goals at Lo Inyo Elementary School.
Parents, teachers, support staff and students - you can support this bold journey by:
1. Seeking out and embracing the challenge of trying new things;
2. Praising and encouraging one another for our effort and perseverance, when taking on difficult tasks.
3. Showing up EVERY DAY - because anything worth doing requires our best effort, our grit, and our presence.
Be Bold and take COURAGE Hawks! Together, we are all going to make 2023-2024 the most remarkable year yet!
Go Hawks!
David McCabe
Teaching Principal